Sofia Varino / Curator Sofia Varino is a feminist scholar and writer based in Berlin and New York. Her academic research is situated at the intersection of feminist technoscience studies, visual culture and environmental theory, focusing on how embodiment participates and interferes in knowledge production in the life and health sciences. As a writer, she works across poetry, multimedia, performance and the digital humanities. She is associate director of Harmattan Theater and co-hosts the iTunes podcast Radical Encounter.

May Joseph / Art Director Tanzanian born Joseph is the Founder of the environmental collective Harmattan Theater. Joseph has dramaturged and directed Harmattan’s site specific outdoor productions, exploring the history of New York City through architecture, design and environmentalism. Islands, the Hudson River, riverscapes, ocean currents, sea walls, buried rivers, wetlands, bridges, and the impact of water across global urban environments are Joseph’s areas of interest.  Joseph has created large scale public performances on Governors Island, numerous piers in Manhattan including Christopher Street, as well as along Fourteenth Street in Manhattan.  Joseph’s artistic work includes cities in India, where she made a short film about the Yamuna River in Delhi, and is working on a site specific performance along the Fort Cochin seawall. Joseph trained in Directing and Playwrighting at U.C. Santa Barbara’s Department of Theatre and Dance where she received a Ph.D. in Theater. Joseph’s directorial interests lie in bringing together ritual, movement, mime, voice, images and text into dialogue with shorelines, rivers and cities.  Trained as a Bharata Natyam dancer, Joseph’s work draws upon the Indian environmental dance theater traditions of the Jatra, Chautu Nadagam and Indian street theater movements, Kalaripayyati, Kathakali, Kyogen and the experimental techniques of Arianne Mnouchkine and Christo.  Joseph is the author of Nomadic Identities and Co-Editor of Performing Hybridity, City Corps, Body Work and New Hybrid Identities.  She is Professor of Social Science and Cultural Studies at Pratt Institute, New York.


Nirmal Harindran Freelance Photographer (Cochin, India) Hailing from the city of looms and lores, Kannur, Kerala, photography and traveling was not a choice but became of a way of life for Nirmal Harindran like an inherent need. He loved photographing images and also painting and sketching since when he does not remember. But when he was 16 he saw a documentary film featuring ‘Reza’ the photographer and founder of ‘AINA’ and then he wanted to put himself to the extremes at that point but soon he realized more than just thinking about photographing the tragedy of a war what he should be hoping is the war and the tragedy within the war to be over soon. Then he got a job as an assistant in a local studio in his city, Cochin and the same time he was doing his graduation and post graduation as well on subjects that he didnt wish to learn although. But he took projects during free time and later left the studio and started freelancing and discovered the never ending excitement of taking the uncertain routes. He just loves to capture all his travel moments without losing its essence. At present he is working as a freelance travel photographer and when it comes to academics he holds a masters degree in MBA(HR) and he is carrying on travel and life style research study with specific interest in changes in livelihood patterns across the world. |

Câmara Lenta (Lisbon, Portugal) Video and photography collective based in Lisbon, Câmara Lenta filmed Mar Português (2012), shot on location at the historical port Cais das Colunas (Terreiro do Paço).


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