When the Sea Rises video

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Mar Português: Cais das Colunas in Lisbon, Portugal (May 2012)

a phantom longing haunts the riverside

immersing the senses in water

now Goa, now Lisbon


Cabo de Tormentoso: Dias Beach at the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa (December 2011)

I search the undercurrent
for eddies, ripples of memory
from Cape of Good Hope to Calicut

Cão, Dias, da Gama


When the Sea Rises: Vasco da Gama Square in Cochin, India (October 2011)

awash in trash, and the detritus of time
the angry god reminds
of a terrible violence
Da Gama, Alburquerque, Cabral
spectral hauntings
in the tug and lull of the sea



The Ocean as Mise en Scene

The Ocean as Mise en Scène by May Joseph

Harmattan Theater works with the sea, oceanic currents, and maritime maps. The ocean’s volatility is inherently dramatic, moody, unpredictable, and violent. Its flows and flux impose complex behavioral patterns on coastal social life. Listening to the sea and taking its full dramatic potential as the working miss en scene for dramatic storytelling is a challenging excursion into very local manifestations of waterfront life. To listen to the sea’s tales is also to harken closely to the minutiae of life lived under the shadow of the insurpassable mise en scène, the expanse of the sea itself.

From: mayjoseph.com


Teaser for upcoming Mar Português short film

Edited by Nuno OC Madeira and now available online on Vimeo:


O Cais

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